The role of Christ Embassy and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome in the vision of god’s Divine

Well there’s no need to point out why people pray to god. Apart from the religion sentiments, God one of the virtual power which offers protection and act as a well-wisher to all the human beings. The Christianity religion is one of the highly numbered one in this current world. Though, there are several organizations and groups exist to explore the god’s vision to the people especially the words of Jesus Christ. The Christ Embassy in one of such organization that acts like a global ministry when it comes to taking God’s divine to all the common men across the globe.

The vision of Christ Embassy

The embassy was founded in order to reach the presence of the Holy Spirit and to create awareness to the all the existing humanity across the world by spreading the god’s divine. With the prolific vision, the commission Christ embassy exists for more than three decades, the commission has started its own healing school along with the embassy for promoting the god’s divine to all needed people.

The current president of Christ embassy Mr. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (D.Sc., D.D.) has doing a wonderful job on reaching millions of people with the god’s divine and to fulfill the needs of the common men with the aid of holly sprit.

Necessity of God’s Divine

In today’s world, literally the term peace has been removed from everyone’s life. In fact, almost every people seeking peace and in need of proper guidelines for following the path set by our ancestors which is eventually god’s divine.

In the name of God, the current president of teaching ministry Pastor Chris Oyakhilome helps several millions life to achieve victory and to learn about the purposes of having their life in earth. He done a important spiritual speech in the epochal meeting held at the Nigeria, where the Nigerian people able to discover their god’s divine in simplest words.

About Pastor Chris

Apart from being a ministry in the Christ Embassy, Our Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a prolific writer and had released several books before. The book which he gets released in the world’s number one daily devotional “Rhapsody of Realities” achieved the highness of bestselling books and it was translated in over 800 languages and near about billion copies has been sold so far.

Apart from that Our Pastor Chris had released several life meaning messages like “7 Challenges to Winning Your Fight of Faith” which are essential for each and every individuals to improve their living standards in terms of self discipline. Pastor Chris has done several live events and released several resourceful books for the welfare for the common people in short span of time.

In general, the role played by a pastor in one’s life is truly immense, that really holds to drive towards

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